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Male Enhancement Surgery

Male enhancement surgery can certainly work. However, as with any surgery, there is the risk of side effects and dangers. These range from permanent scars to surgery going awry and developing complications that may lead to permanent damage. Sometimes, complications may be severe enough to require amputation. Not to mention these surgical procedures can end up costing quite a bit of money!

Male Enhancement Surgery

The biggest side effect of male enhancement surgery is that since the tendons which hold the penis shaft to the pelvis are cut. This causes your penis to always hang no matter how erect it gets. This then becomes an issue as the lack of the ligaments also means that the penis can shift and move around. This makes the whole experience very unpleasant and annoying. Deformations of the penis can form as well from the penis hanging freely and not being able to stand upright.

In general, male enhancement surgery is not supposed to be painful for the simple fact that there is only one small incision and the tendons which are cut have no nerve endings in them. However, there is always the chance, especially pertaining to the penis, that you can encounter both ghost and real pains associated with the male enhancement surgery. And this can unfortunately last for weeks or even months! These male enhancement surgery pains can be compared to jumping and landing on the ground too hard which causes a pain in the groin area.

Furthermore the male enhancement surgery can lead to the loss of sensitivity to the penis, loss of sex drive and even impotency! These by far carry with them some of the most horrible complications and risks that can be associated with virtually any male enhancement surgery.

You may also loose all or some of the blood circulation to both the penis as well as the testicles. All surgeons who perform the male enhancement surgery will only perform them on those people who are completely mature and are considered to be emotionally stable.

You must remember that the male enhancement surgery is nothing more than a cosmetic procedure. There is no real functionality associated with male enhancement surgery. If you decide to undergo male enhancement surgery, you are doing so as a showpiece and nothing more.

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