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Male Enhancement Product

Male Enhancement Product

1. Are there any side effects to this male enhancement product?

Because Expand male enhancement product is an all-natural herbal supplement made from the finest all natural and safe herbal ingredients, there are no side effects.


2. How fast will I notice results?

Expand male enhancement product should start working almost instantly. If your body does not respond to the program right away, please be patient. Some people's response rate will vary just as it may with prescription medication.


3. Are the results permanent?

The results are to be permanent for all men. However, some men have had much more success keeping the results 'permanent' if used for 12+ weeks rather than just 4-8. If your body does not respond right away, please be patient. Some people's response rate will vary just as it may with any prescription medications, herbal supplement programs, etc. Using it for longer than 12 weeks is encouraged for MAXIMUM results. Once you stop using Expand male enhancement product, this reduction in dosage will not compromise erection length or fullness, once desired results have been achieved.


4. How often and when is Expand to be taken?

For maximum effectiveness, simply take 2 easy to swallow capsules daily, preferably with a meal. The contents of the capsules can be used with food (for example) if you have a problem swallowing capsules. Stop using the male enhancement product when you are happy with the results you've achieved.


5. Is Expand OK to use with high blood pressure?

This male enhancement product does contain Yohimbe. Consult with your physician if you are using MAO inhibiters or are at risk or are being treated for high blood pressure, kidney disease, thyroid disease, seizure disorder or stroke.


6. Is Expand guaranteed?

We have the best guarantee in the industry. Once the 30 day trial expires, the guarantee still doesn't end! For example, if you order a 3 month supply and after 2 months decide not to use it any longer, we will refund you for the third month, no questions asked! If Expand male enhancement product doesn't work for you, none of the others will!


7. Do you ship to military (APO/FPO) addresses?

Yes, absolutely! All APO/FPO male enhancement product orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service.



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